Namen der Dozentin: Marika Weigle M.B.A. & Eng.

Modulnummer: WI-M / B06

Sonstige Informationen:

M&A lecture can only take place, if there are 8 - 10 reliable participants minimum and 15 participants maximum!

Main Lecture Contents:

Principles of companies' cooperations and the Mergers & Acquisitions "M&A" market (ca. 30%):

  • M&A relevant definitions
  • Global acting companies: diversification/expansion
  • The M&A market: History, structure, participants
  • Life cycle of a company
  • Characteristics for stability/instability of a company related to M&A view
Cooperations of companies (ca. 30%)
Mergers and acquisitions (ca. 30%)
Demergers (ca. 10%)

Lecture Language and Examination Parameters:
  • English in spoken and written mode, also for examination presentation and related files.
  • Students enrol for obligatory participation.
  • Students organise themselves in working groups of 2 -3 members and choose a topic of their own interest for a case study.
  • The choosen case (cooperation, acquisition or merger of companies) should not be older than 5 years or not be younger than 6 - 12 month.
  • Case study must be described in files (Power Point presentation plus abstract) and must be presented by the group as examination (written description and presentation of the case study = 100% for evaluated mark).
  • Examination presentation consists of case study presentation plus 15 - 20 min of discussion (presenter - audience)
  • Duration of presentation depends on number of group members: 1 member --> min. 50 min plus discussion; 2 members --> min. 65 min plus discussion; 3 members --> 75 min plus discussion